Las lágrimas de Shiva

Last week I read a very interesting and entertaining book called “Las Lágrimas de Shiva”, in the subject of Reading. It’s a teen adventure book by the Spanish author César Mallorquí. He published it in 2005. Its publishing house is Edebé. The main characters are Javier, Violet and Beatríz. Other secondary characters could be the Javier’s cousins (they’re Rose, Daisy and Lily) and their aunt and uncle (their names are Luis and Adela).

The setting is in the Francoist Spain and the plot is set exactly in 1969. The book is about a teenage boy called Javier, that saw a ghost, the year of the man’s arrival to the Moon. It’s developed in the capital of Spain, Madrid, and the city of Santander. All these  strange events started due to the mystery of a valuable lost necklace.

Javiers’s grandparents obligated him to stay the summer holidays in his uncle’s rural house, accompanied by her four daughters. First, he was alone with his other family, however, he was starting to make a new friendship, w…